On their ‘World Service’ tour commemorating their 1985 studio album of the same name, Kirk Brandon’s Spear Of Destiny launched their set on the eponymous song ‘World Service’, following with ‘Rocket Ship’ and single ‘Come Back’, complete with stunning saxophone solos from Clive Osbourne.

The band played more from their third album with Brandon’s ghostly vocals in single ‘All My Love (Ask Nothing)’, the guitar solos of B-side ‘Up All Night’ and the thundering drumbeats of ‘Somewhere In The East’, They then performed again from ‘World Service’ in the way of ‘Once In Her Lifetime’, completing the tracklist with acoustic track, ‘Mickey’.

Brandon returned for an encore on his own, first solo acoustically performing ‘Harlan County’ before the rest of the band arrived onstage for ‘Afrikan Proverb’ and a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’, ending the set on 1984 single ‘Liberator’.

01/10/21: Spear Of Destiny @ 229 The Venue, London.

Photo © Simon Drake.

© Ayisha Khan.