Back in the UK to promote the release of his recent solo studio album, Earl Slick did a short warm-up set ahead of his UK tour and also a record signing, although his dates were thereafter cancelled due to him contracting Lyme disease.

Together with a band and frontman Jesse Smith on extra guitar and vocals, Slick played a 40-minute set of tracks from his new solo album, ‘Fistful Of Devils’, the first time he had played live to an audience since lockdown. He started the set on the first track on the album, ‘Bad Brew’, with Smith arriving onstage to perform a cover of the 1969 Plastic Ono Band song, ‘Cold Turkey’.

Slick then returned to his new album with second track, slow blues rock song ‘Black’, with him playing on the ground at one point. He then spoke about an upcoming David Bowie remastered album, ‘Toy’, doing a single from this, ‘I Dig Everything’. The band then decided to do one more song and finished on extra Bowie cover, ‘Diamond Dogs’.

04/11/21: Earl Slick @ Rough Trade East, London.

Photo  © Ayisha Khan.