Selecting from his catalogue of mixes and collaborations with other artists, he started with ‘Futur I’ by NEWMEN and ‘I Was A Robot (Club Mix)’. He later did a mix of ‘Beat Perfecto’ before a cover of Kraftwerk’s 1978 song ‘Neonlicht’ (‘Neon Lights’) from their ‘The Man-Machine’ album. Flür would sometimes be turning a few knobs and at other times moving robotically as if he really was a robot.

Flür finished his set as always on ‘Musik Soldat’, donning his Kaiser helmet and comically marching up and down the stage. For the encore he returned with his music partner Peter Duggal, also on support, to specially perform ‘Say No! (ft. MAPS)’ from his forthcoming album on which they collaborated with a host of guest artists; a track which he felt was consciously significant for our time.

26/11/21: Wolfgang Flur @ The Lexington, London.

© Ayisha Khan.