Marking 40 years of their debut studio album, ‘Another Kind Of Blues’, UK Subs played a special show transporting fans back to the late ’70s and performing the classic album in its entirety, as well as part of their second album, ‘Brand New Age’.

Charlie Harper and his band of Alvin Gibbs (bass), Steve Straughan (guitar) and Jamie Oliver (drums) sped through the first album in track order, beginning with ‘CID’ and moving onto other anthemic tracks such as ‘Killer’, ‘Rockers’ and ‘TV Blues’, classic punk songs that were a sign of the time they were written in and which sounded like they were being sung back then too.

The band then carried on in their alphabetised series of albums with ‘Brand New Age’, performing ‘Emotional Blackmail’ as well as their best known track ‘Warhead’, before playing a selection of other songs such as ‘Limo Life (All I Need Is A Bit Of Action)’.

They never got through the entire record, going off for an encore and returning for a selection from their other albums including their fourth with ‘You Don’t Belong’, as well as ‘Keep On Running (‘Til You Burn)’ and finishing the night on a return to ‘Brand New Age’ with ‘Teenage’.

06/12/19: UK Subs @ 229 The Venue, London.

Photo © E. Gabriel Edvy/Blackswitch Labs.

© Ayisha Khan.