After releasing their latest studio album earlier in the year, ‘Data Mirage Tangram’, and also recently marking the 30th anniversary of their 1989 studio album ‘L’Eau Rouge’ with a deluxe reissue edition, the band returned to play their second UK dates of the year.

Young Gods began the night on their current album, featuring the tribal drumming of ‘All My Skin Standing’, before moving onto earlier material from their eponymous debut album, with the galloping ‘Envoyé’, and  revisiting 1995 album ‘Only Heaven’ with ‘Kissing The Sun’.

The band did two encores, playing from their last studio album, ‘Everybody Knows’, and of course the 30th anniversary record itself, ‘L’eau Rouge’, with the heavy rock sound, growls and rusty riffs of ‘L’eau Rouge’ and ‘L’Amourir’.

Young Gods ended their show on an energetic performance of ‘Skinflowers’, and an overall performance which saw both sound and presentation top their last London show.

27/11/19: The Young Gods @ The Garage, London.

Photos © E. Gabriel Edvy/Blackswitch Labs.

© Ayisha Khan.