Launching the second volume of his autobiography at a sold out event, David Gedge spoke to The Wedding Present’s co-writer and former bassist Terry De Castro as well as book illustrator Lee Thacker about his latest work, also taking questions from fans, and thereafter performing an intimate 50-minute acoustic set with two other members of the band, De Castro (guitar) and Melanie Howard (bass).

Gedge’s first and now second volume of his autobiography-cum-graphic novel contains comically illustrated stories from diaries, press clippings and ex-band members; the latest volume is based on the release of the band’s debut album ‘George Best’ and the John Peel sessions. The first volume had covered his early life and the band’s formation.

After the interview, The Wedding Present played a standard set, starting on their 1987 debut studio album, ‘George Best’, with the ringing strokes of ‘Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft’. ‘Something And Nothing’ – the title of Gedge’s book – and ‘Dare’ followed; the latter complimented by De Castro’s ascending electric guitar.

Gedge also played a cover from his orchestral project, Cinerama, with its Western whistling introduction and erotic lyrics, ending in Spanish flamenco. The Wedding Present then moved onto their latest single – from a series of monthly releases amounting to 24 in total – ‘Science Fiction’, which was filled with dreamscape guitar.

The band returned to their debut album with ‘Give My Love To Kevin’, second album ‘Bizarro’ with single ‘Brassneck’, its chords dancing on fuzzy electrics. They ended their set on debut album single ‘My Favourite Dress’, which descended into frantic rhythmic strumming.

17/11/22: The Wedding Present @ Walthamstow Trades Hall, London.

Photo (top) © Simon Cardwell.

Photo (bottom) © Ayisha Khan.

© Ayisha Khan.