Following the recent release of their new EP, ‘Lord of Chaos’, Killing Joke delivered their rescheduled ‘Honour The Fire’ tour with their last date taking place in London, a year after it was originally supposed to happen.

They opened on favourite track ‘Love Like Blood’; unfortunately Jaz having lost his voice over the tour meant his vocals were quieter than the rest of the set and the sound quality was not perfect. The band moved onto ‘Wardance’ and quite appropriately ‘I Am The Virus’ followed, from Killing Joke’s last 2015 studio album ‘Pylon’.

The set provided a taste of the last 40 years of the band’s history, featuring their eponymous debut album and less commonly performed tracks such as ‘We Have Joy’ from third studio album ‘Revelations’. Killing Joke then played from 2010’s ‘Absolute Dissent’ album with Geordie Walker’s wrenching guitar chords in ‘This World Hell’; also the album from which the name of the tour was taken.

They performed rarer songs such as ‘Primitive’ from their debut album and then played from last year’s live album, ‘Total Invasion Live In The USA’, with ‘Total Invasion’ and ‘Loose Cannon’. The band didn’t play from their new EP, but Jaz was keen to remind everyone that this was just the beginning of more to come.

09/04/22: Killing Joke @ Eventim Apollo, London.

Photos © E. Gabriel Edvy/Blackswitch Labs.

© Ayisha Khan.