Following this year’s release of his latest studio album ‘Leisureland’ with its Americana psychedelic sound, Wreckless Eric performed a set containing his new songs along with classic material. He started on his traditional live content in the way of the monotonous ‘Dead End’, the explosive ‘Same’ and ‘Creepy People (in the Middle of the Night), the latter with crashing guitar feedback.

Eric played more acoustic guitar for a series of tracks from his new album, playing without stopping as they were recorded on the release, performing the woody strokes of ‘Southern Rock’, with its cross-cultural citations on the UK and USA, ‘Drag Time’ and the repetitive drive of ‘Badhat Town’. He played further new material, doing a dark psychedelic interlude for ‘Standing Water’, not heard on the release, and similarly on electric guitar at the end of ‘Days of My Life’ from his 2016 studio album, ‘AmERICa’.

Continuing on electric guitar, Eric performed more from his new album tracklist with the choppy ‘High Seas (Won & Lost)’ and the catchy ‘Dial Painters (Radium Girls)’, featuring whistling background feedback and poignant, isolated instrumentation not on the record, then magically transitioning into the heavy blues guitar of ‘The Old Versailles’, as he applied pedal effects. After humourously relating his extensive travels touring in America, he appropriately performed ‘California/Handyman’ and his should-have-been hit single, ‘Whole Wild World’, finishing his show on another fan favourite, ‘The Half of It’.

27/10/23: Wreckless Eric @ The Lexington, London.

Photos © Ayisha Khan.

© Ayisha Khan.