Wreckless Eric launched his latest studio album, ‘Transcience’, at another 100 Club show, which was released on the same day and follows on from last year’s show at the same venue, coming just over a year after the release of his acclaimed 2018 album, ‘Construction Time & Demolition’.

This year’s album focuses on Eric’s shocking experience of losing his mother and ex, thinking about his own passing and his wish to leave “an indelible stain” on the world when he departs. He played largely from the new release starting with ‘Father To The Man’ and ‘Tiny House’.

However, despite the sad backdrop, throughout the evening Eric entertained with his humour and stories, going back to earlier albums, including 2014’s ‘Bungalow Hi’, with nostalgic rant ‘Same’, proving how strong an acoustic songwriter he is. He then went back even earlier to his 1980 album ‘Big Smash’, performing ‘Indelible Stain’.

The focus of the evening being on his latest release, Eric came back to the new record with ‘California/Handymen’ and ‘The Half Of It’, as well as the catchy and comedic song ‘Creepy People (In The Middle Of The Night’, before playing from last year’s album with ’40 years’.

After inviting his wife Amy Rigby to join him on stage, Eric’s main set finished on ‘Take The Cash’ from his 1978 second album ‘The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric’ and of course the one-hit wonder, ‘Whole Wide World’.

17/05/19: Wreckless Eric @ The 100 Club, London.

Photo © Kevin Shepherd.

© Ayisha Khan.