Tangerine Dream resumed their recheduled tour over three years since they had last played live in London, with them also promoting their recent studio album release, ‘Raum’, the band under the direction of Thorsten Quaeshning with violinist Hoshiki Yamane and Paul Frick. They played a two and a half hour set in total.

Amongst stunning strobe light effects and visuals, the band began their set on ‘Stratosphere’ from their 1976 eponymous seventh studio album and the choppy ‘Dolphin Dance’ from their sixteenth studio album, ‘Underwater Sunlight’, released 10 years later. They then performed from the new release, ‘Raum’, with the track of the same name; its glassy echoes building to tribal drumbeats. The menacing wavering synth of ‘Betrayal’ from the 1977 ‘Sorcerer’ film score followed.

Tangerine Dream performed the upbeat ‘It Is Time To Leave When Everyone is Dancing’ from ‘Quantum Gate’, the first album released following the death of band founder Edgar Froese in 2015. They played further tracks from their most recent work with ‘You’re Always On Time’ and their ‘Probe 6-8’ EP with ‘Continuum’, ending their main set on early track, ‘Phaedra’, shortened from the longer studio version.

Steve Rothery of neo-progressive rock band Marillion arrived on stage for the final part of the set, playing guitar with the rest of the band on ‘Kiew Mission’ and ‘Cloudburst Flight’, with all of them finishing the show on an encore featuring a long 40-minute improvisation piece and guitar solos from Rothery.

18/03/22: Tangerine Dream @ Roundhouse, London.

Photos © E. Gabriel Edvy/Blackswitch Labs.

© Ayisha Khan.