Returning last year after a long hiatus with their third studio album ‘Free LSD’, Keith Morris’ supergroup performed the entire tracklist as part of their European tour to promote the release. The band is now formed aside Morris of co-founding member Dimitri Coats (guitar, electronics) and a new rhythm section of Autry Fulbright (bass) and Justin Brown (drums).

After a ten-minute period of tuning and taping down the 25-song setlist, the band began on the new album, performing ‘War Above Los Angeles’ and single ‘Kill To Be Heard’; the former featuring Coats’ heavy metal guitar rhapsodies, a surprising influence that has come with this new incarnation of the band alongside its traditional hardcore elements.

While Morris acted out his ambidextrous stage antics, Coats whipped his guitar into a frenzy, also occasionally twitching knobs on the electronics alongside the band generating feedback inbetween songs. The album’s extra-terrastrial theme manifested in ‘Invisible Empire’, featuring Coats’ trilling guitar scales, with the band finishing the tracklist on their hallucinogenic title song, ‘Free LSD’.

Following completion of the album’s 16-song tracklist (excluding instrumentals), OFF! then played from their past releases, with ‘Red White and Black’ from their second studio album, ‘Wasted Years’, and ‘Wiped Out’ from their eponymous debut studio album, before the remainder of the tracklist tookover, with hardcore favourites ‘I Don’t Belong’ and ‘Upside Down’, from the band’s debut (compilation) release, ‘First Four EPs’.


08/02/23: OFF! @ MOTH Club, London.

Photos © Anna Marchesani/Nocturna Photography.

© Ayisha Khan.