Following the release of his second autobiography, ‘Living On A Thin Line’, Kinks’ guitarist Dave Davies was interviewed by music journalist Phil Clarke, also ahead of the release of a new documentary film about his many years touring in America which is due for release later this year. For the first time ever, a trailer of the film was shown accompanied by the soundtrack song, ‘Living On A Thin Line’ – the 1984 Kinks’ single that Dave originally wrote for his brother Ray but ended up singing himself on his advice.

Dave was asked about his early expectations for the band which he explained were very little, also disliking the ‘Kinks’ bandname itself. He said he was disappointed with their first tour of America during the height of the British invasion due to the lack of radioplay for bands and the way they were received by older Americans and promoters/venues, coming back with their tails between their legs, before they later made a connection with working class audiences due to the early rock ‘n’ roll and country and blues influences in their music.

He also talked at length about his stroke in 2004 and how he used humour to make a quicker recovery while he was in hospital, learning to play guitar again through meditation and positivity. He has plans to continue to record new music as a solo artist and play live shows; he described making music as “falling in love often.” He spoke about his musical influences right up to the present time such as George Formby’s inspiring use of humour in his music that helped The Kinks’ songwriting and his modern day interest in Beethoven.

11/07/22: Dave Davies @ Walthamstow Trades Hall, London.

Photo © Ayisha Khan.

© Ayisha Khan.